Request to Conduct Original Research at SMC

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Procedures for Requests to Conduct Original Research

The current online form sets for Santa Monica College's process to approve research involving original data collection on human subjects who are students, faculty, or staff. The approval process consists of request being submitted to the Office of Institutional Research, where they are reviewed and recommended for approval, and then forwarded to the Superintendent/President's designee for approval. The decision to approve original research shall be guided by whether approval would be in the best educational interests of Santa Monica College.

Generally speaking, the approval process is for research that would ordinarily not be exempt from Institutional Review Board (IRB) review and approval. If research would ordinarily be exempt from IRB review, then the Office of Institutional Research would most likely not need to review and/or approve the request to conduct research on campus; however, a copy of the investigator's IRB application and exemption should be submitted to and on file with the Office of Institutional Research prior to conducting any research.